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The Law School Admission Test (LSAT) is designed to know the basic skills necessary to do well in first year in law school. The students should have skill in comprehension, critical reading, analytical, and reasoning. The test is basically reasoning oriented and not content oriented. Dates for LSAT are available nationwide four times each year. All students who are interested to seek admission in Law Schools in USA & selected Law schools in India are required to appear in the LSAT test. The test helps the admission officer to assess the student skill for the proposed field of their studies.

Graduate Record Examination

LSAT global covers following topics:

Logical Reasoning

~ The different question types

~ Identifying the evidence and the conclusion

~ Understanding the logical structure of an argument

~ Identifying logical flaws

Analytical Reasoning

~ Sequencing games

~ Matching games

~ Grouping games

~ Drawing diagrams to make logical deductions

~ Using the language of logic

Reading Comprehension

~ Long passages

~ Paired short passages

~ Main idea questions

~ Specific detail questions

~ Inference questions

~ Strategies for reading through a passage more quickly

Writing Sample

~ Evaluating the strengths and weaknesses of two options

~ Proper paragraph structure

~ Writing outlines

Objective portion test ranges from 120 to 180 and the writing samples are sent to law schools of choice for evaluation. No minus marking for wrong answer and unanswered questions. Disable candidates with proof are eligible to have special relaxation.


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