New Zealand

New Zealand – The call of the Kiwi

The best known is the kiwi - an endangered, flightless, nocturnal bird which is also the country's unofficial national symbol.

Why choose New Zealand?

  • ~ New Zealand is becoming first choice for an increasing number of international students seeking quality education.
  • ~ The people of New Zealand are friendly and Indian food and spices are available everywhere.
  • ~ Established universities such as the Waikato University, Massey University, University of Auckland, Victoria, University of Wellington, Lincoln University, University of Otago, and the Auckland University of Technology have become popular destinations for students across the globe.
  • ~ New Zealand is an economically wise and safe option for students looking for a high standard of education, and an over-all high standard of life
  • ~ Earn while you learn: While in most countries overseas students are barred from employment, in New Zealand they can work part-time for 15 hours a week provided they enrol for full-time courses that are of 12-month duration. After completion of their studies, students are further encouraged to stay behind and work.
  • ~ Study in NZ has a lot of benefits. You have the chance to choose from a wide array of courses in every stream.
  • ~ 15 years of education is acceptable in NZ, 1 year Job Search Visa & 2 years Work Visa, PR (Permanent Residency) Opportunity.

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Achievers' Ranking for New Zealand universities is based on various resources and feedback from our alumni.

  1. ~ University of Auckland
  2. ~ University of Canterburry
  3. ~ Lincoln University
  4. ~ University of Massey
  5. ~ UNITEC
  6. ~ Manukau Institute of Technology
  7. ~ CPIT
  8. ~ WINTEC
  9. ~ Wel Tec
  10. ~ Otago Polytechnic
  11. ~ Waiariki Institute of Technology
  12. ~ Whitireia New Zealand, Wellington, Auckland.
  13. ~ AIS St. Helens
  14. ~ Pacific International Hotel Management School
  15. ~ NSIA and many more….

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