France has always been a favourite destination for thinkers, scientists, artists, writers from all over the world and many have made it their home. The rich cultural diversity and heritage reflected in everyday life, the high quality of education as also the French state’s commitment towards welcoming international students make it an attractive destination for higher education. So whether it is science and engineering, law, economics, political science, journalism, architecture, design, fine arts or management studies. There is a rich variety of programmes to choose from. A large number of courses are taught in English with complementary language learning courses as part of the curriculum. Foreign language skills are a distinct asset in the new global order and a study sojourn in France is an excellent way to acquire it.

Come discover what France has to offer in education, meet with our alumni, meet with academicians, know the immense depth and variety of programmes on offer that answer every higher education need. French Higher education institutes have developed dynamic exchange programmes with over 300 premier Indian institutes and universities over the years. Over 700 French companies have set up operations in India and are constantly on the lookout for young talent.

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Achievers' ranking for Business schools in France. 

  1. HEC Paris
  3. Emlyon Business School
  4. ESSEC Business School
  5. NEOMA Business School
  6. EDHEC Business School
  7. KEDGE Business School
  8. SKEMA Business School
  9. ESCP Europe
  10. Conservatoire National des Arts et Metiers (CNAM) - International Institute of Management
  11. IESEG School of Management
  12. Toulouse Business School
  13. INSEEC Business School

Other Business Schools:

  1. The American Business School
  2. Apsley Business School - London
  3. Audencia Business School
  4. BEM Management School
  5. Burgundy School of Business
  6. CEFAM
  7. École de management de Lyon
  8. École de management de Normandie
  9. Ecole de Management Léonard De Vinci
  10. École des Ponts Business School
  11. École nationale d'assurances
  12. École supérieure de commerce
  13. Excelia Group
  14. École supérieure de commerce de Pau
  15. École supérieure de commerce de Reims
  16. École supérieure de commerce et management
  17. École supérieure des sciences commerciales d'Angers
  18. EDC Paris Business School
  19. The Eiffel School of Management
  20. ENPC School of International Management
  21. ESSEC Global BBA
  22. ESC Bretagne Brest
  23. ESC Clermont Graduate School of Management
  24. ESC Rennes School of Business
  25. ESDES School of Business and Management
  26. European Business School Paris
  27. European Center for Advanced International Studies
  28. European Institute of Purchasing Management
  29. French International Training Centre for DC
  30. Grenoble Graduate School of Business
  31. Grenoble School of Management
  32. Haut Enseignement Commercial pour les jeunes filles
  33. ICN Graduate Business School
  34. IDCE Business School
  35. Institut de Formation Internationale
  36. Institut Supérieur de Marketing du Luxe (Sup de Luxe)
  37. ESIEE Management
  38. Institut supérieur du commerce de Paris
  39. Institut supérieur européen de formation par l'action
  40. Institut supérieur européen de gestion group
  41. International School of Management (ISM)
  42. IONIS School of Technology and Management
  43. IPE Management School Paris
  44. ISG Business School
  45. ESC Lille
  46. Institut Lillois d'Ingénierie de la Santé
  47. Moda Domani Institute
  48. Montpellier Business School
  49. Paris School of Business
  50. Reims Management School
  51. Rouen Business School
  52. Schiller International University
  53. Telecom Business School
  54. Theseus International Management Institute
  55. Wesford

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