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  • Reading test is designed to capture your ability to comprehend what is written in the text. Most of us do read newspapers and magazines on regular basis. Improvement in reading ability lies in sp Read more

  • Focus on your weak areas. If you have strong mathematical skills, but don?t do so well on English tests, you should focus on improving your verbal and analytical skills. Of course, you should rev Read more

  • The H1B Visa allows US companies to hire foreign workers in specialized fields for up to 6 years. Since it is a non-immigrant visa, it is generally quicker to process, although the company hirin Read more

  • English in this world has utmost importance due to its wide usage. It is spoken in different ways in different countries today. There are different accent that is used in different countries. Read more

  • Every language has got its own way of expressing itself. Every language describes every action in 3 different varieties. First, the action that has already happened, second, the action that is ha Read more

  • Communication is a two-way process where both communication between sender & receiver plays equally important roles to make it complete. Communication follows a chain of processes to make it comp Read more

  • Notwithstanding one ability to do one exam better than the other (which is generally the case), there is no rule as to in which case one should go for GMAT and so for GRE. However, in general pra Read more

  • Unveiling GMAT

    The art of cracking the Graduate Management Aptitude Test is unique  as well as intriguing for most students  who wish to gain admission to business schools the world over. There is also the challenge dogging every analysis the student has to take. The format for the test consists of reading comprehension passages : critical analy 

  • A Better way to write an Analysis of an issue in AWA

    (a)  Introduce the Issue You must start your writing with introducing or explaining the issue in your own words, explain what te issue is all about. It is important tot create interest in the topic end your introductory paragraph with summing up your point of view on the particular topic. &nbs 

  • Top tips to prepare GMAT

    While preparing for GMAT there are a few things which ne should follow in order to achieve the desired results. The most important among the same is following a disciplined approach and dedicating a few hours everyday to hone the skills. The most important in this approach is to solve as many test papers as p 

  • Integrated Reasoning Section on the GMAT

    In June 2012, the pattern of the GMAT changed in that, instead of having 2 sections for AWA, there was only 1.  In place of the second essay, the Integrated Reasoning Section was introduced.  This section consists of 12 questions and has to be completed in 30 minutes.  The reason behind this change  

  • GMAT at its BEST

    GMAT, a widely used MBA admissions test introduced a new section in its curriculum, i.e. Integrated Reasoning (IR) nine months ago. The IR section has relevance in courses like Finance, Operations and Marketing Management – in case studies, handling spreadsheets of data and interpreting diagrammatic repres 

  • GMAT Creator Releases New Practice Exams

    Attaining true excellence becomes  more critical for Test takers preparing for the GMAT® exam with the popular GMATPrep® software can now purchase two additional computer adaptive practice exams made up of retired GMAT questions and  achieve “Proficiency” on real tests . The much-anticipated "Exam Pack 1&q 

  • GMAT vs. GRE, Which one is right for me?

    As you guys are already aware about the two much known exams for higher international qualification (acceptable domestically as well by institutes like ISB) i.e. GMAT (Graduate Management Admission Test) and GRE (Graduate Record Examination), it would be good to know, as to which one will be a better fit for you 

  • Business School Internship

    So you have cracked that snazzy B- school entrance exam, and you thought that the worst is finally over. Brace yourself ! The fun is just about to begin. You are about to enter a labyrinth you had never encountered before. Here you will need the skills of a kamikaze pilot to navigate through.  

  • Should I take CAT or GMAT or should I take both?

    “Should I take CAT or GMAT?”, “Or should I take both?!” “Which is easier?” These are the questions that hounds the minds of many MBA aspirants. So, what should one do ?   While CAT is  

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    PTE vs. IELTS The English Language Proficiency of international students is tested through certain st..
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