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  • Reading test is designed to capture your ability to comprehend what is written in the text. Most of us do read newspapers and magazines on regular basis. Improvement in reading ability lies in sp Read more

  • Focus on your weak areas. If you have strong mathematical skills, but don?t do so well on English tests, you should focus on improving your verbal and analytical skills. Of course, you should rev Read more

  • The H1B Visa allows US companies to hire foreign workers in specialized fields for up to 6 years. Since it is a non-immigrant visa, it is generally quicker to process, although the company hirin Read more

  • English in this world has utmost importance due to its wide usage. It is spoken in different ways in different countries today. There are different accent that is used in different countries. Read more

  • Every language has got its own way of expressing itself. Every language describes every action in 3 different varieties. First, the action that has already happened, second, the action that is ha Read more

  • Communication is a two-way process where both communication between sender & receiver plays equally important roles to make it complete. Communication follows a chain of processes to make it comp Read more

  • Notwithstanding one ability to do one exam better than the other (which is generally the case), there is no rule as to in which case one should go for GMAT and so for GRE. However, in general pra Read more

  • Smart way to attempt Sentence Equivalence Questions

    Question type A sentence is given with one blank to fill in with six options. You have to choose two correct amongst the given six answer choices. Note: You are not given score for partially correct answers. Even if one of your selected options is right you will not get marks. 

  • IELTS Reading Tips

    Many IELTS aspirants find this section difficult; even those who are good in English. Though there is no magic wand, there are few things that one can do which would help him to score better. However, it is important to remember that everybody has a different style and no rule can be applied universally.    

  • Make Listening Test Stress Free

    1)  Prior to each section of the Listening Test, you will hear somebody saying : 'you will hear a lecture on' or 'You will hear a conversation between'... This information is of a lot of significance as it gives a hint about the content that is to follow ie. the topic that you are about to hear and makes it easier to un 

  • Smart way to attempt Sentence Equivalence

    In: GRE By: Shyam Yadav

    Question type A sentence is given with one blank to fill in with six options. You have to choose two correct amongst the given six answer choices. Note: You are not given score for partially correct answers. Even if one of your selected options is right you will not get ma 

  • Tips for IELTS Speaking

    The IELTS speaking task is quite like an interview. It is a one-to-one session between the candidate and the examiner. The pattern is as follows:   Task 1: General Introduction. Here the examiner will ask general questions about the candidate to confirm 

  • Changes in IELTS Registration Procedure

    The British Council changes in registration process have been implemented for IELTS candidates from October 2013 onwards. Prior to the examination candidates need to only complete the applications and submit ICICI slip/ payment as required to the British Council Division – No o 

  • The Goose bump Moments

    The Goose bump moments: IELTS   It is a universal truth; exams are liked by none. They make people feel nervous and uncomfortable. They undermine students’ confidence and stress them out. In the most extreme cases people simply panic and lose the ability to think clearly. IELTS is no different and f 

  • How To Solve True/False/Not Given

    In IELTS one of the common questions which come is true/false/not given. Generally students get confused or have query to solve it. So, first of all if: The question statement which is asked is similar to the statement mentioned in the passage- it is true.  

  • Grammatical Judgment in English

    A native English language speaker when speaks the language, it sounds very accurate. What is it that he does something different than others? What is the difference between him & others? People feel learning English is more like a Rocket Science. No, it is not at all like that. English is a simple language if you keep it simple. It is not 

  • Top GRE Prep Books

    Here is a comprehensive set of GRE books that would surely help you to crack the exam. Broadly I would segregate the list of books available into two categories:   Quantitative Book Guide:  

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    PTE vs. IELTS The English Language Proficiency of international students is tested through certain st..
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