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TOEFL ibt Breakup for Better Score

In: TOEFL iBT By: Mansi Khurana

Each section of the TOEFL IBT can earn you some hefty points. And you’ll need them because most academic institutions require that you score in the intermediate to towering range for acceptance. So study away! Below is just the basic section information about TOEFL.
Reading Skills Section
General info:
There will be 3-5 passages in this section. Passages are approximately 700 words each. There are 12-14 questions per passage. You’ll have 60-100 minutes to read and answer.
Skills tested:
Scanning text for important tidings
Escalating reading fluency
Recognizing organization and purpose of a passage
Understanding the main idea, major points, important facts and details, vocabulary in context, and pronoun references.
Listening Skills Section
General info:
There will be two types of passages which you’ll listen: 4-6 lectures and 2-3 conversations.
Lectures are 3-5 minutes long with 6 questions following each lecture
Conversations are 3 minutes long with 5 questions following each conversation
Skills tested:
Comprehending the main idea, major points, and important details related to the main idea
Recognizing a speaker’s attitude or purpose in speaking
Making inferences and drawing conclusions
Recognizing topic changes like digressions, along with introductions and conclusions of lectures and conversations.
Speaking Skills Section
General info:
This section is about 20 minutes long. There are 6 different tasks to complete: 2 independent tasks, where students use their own knowledge and experiences to respond and 4 integrated tasks, where the students must use a combination of skills to respond, like reading, then speaking.
Skills tested:
Synthesizing information verbally from lectures or conversations
Summarizing facts verbally
Making conversation both in and out of the classroom
Expressing their opinions
Writing Skills Section
General info:
This section is 50 minutes long. There are 2 different writing tasks to complete: 1 independent task where students write from their own experiences, and 1 integrated task where students must read or listen and then write.
Skills tested:
Taking notes on what a student has heard and read,
Employing notes to organize information before writing
Articulating opinions in a written format
Relating learned information to experiences

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