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Speaking Exam - Challenge the Fear - Sonal Joshi


Reading and Listening exams are generally preferred over writing and speaking. We practice listening the most, then reading and finally writing and speaking Do you why?            

Listening and Reading allow us to be passive users of language while Writing and Speaking require active participation. We need to produce ideas and connect them to make a meaningful piece of information. We all are creative and have wonderful ideas. The problem lies in correct use of language and speaking in a logically organized manner.

Following are some basic tips to challenge the fear of the speaking exam.

1. Read a lot : - Only a good reader speaks and writes well. This is because reading sub consciously hones our language skills and we automatically learn to speak in the most apt manner. This is the reason that people advise us to read good books. Standardized reading developes standardized language. Many times IELTS Reading passages have excellent ideas that can be used for Writing and Speaking.

2. Watch Videos and Read Answer templates but do not memorize responses:- We must know the difference between understanding and parroting. The latter will never get you a good score.

3. Practice on a variety of topics: - Cover all possible topics but from different fields like Science, History, Entertainment etc. This will prepare you for related topics in the same field.

4. Finally, do not practice anything a day prior to exam. Speaking is about your opinions, likes, dislikes and events. So be calm, confident and not artificial.

Getting goosebumps before a speaking exam is natural but ensure the fear does not grip you. Make your fear fuel you and boost your confidence. Else it mars your spirits, lowers your confidence and then you will under-perform. Can we afford that?

All the Best!!!

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