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Smart way to attempt Sentence Equivalence

In: GRE By: Shyam Yadav

Question type

  • A sentence is given with one blank to fill in with six options.
  • You have to choose two correct amongst the given six answer choices.

Note: You are not given score for partially correct answers. Even if one of your selected options is right you will not get marks.

What do they test you on? (Or what do they judge in your verbal skills from such questions?)

1.     Vocabulary – not just the meanings of lexis but their usage
2.     Comprehension of language
3.     Grammatical Cohesion
4.     Create meaningful and coherent sentence with most suitable pair of words, not just two synonyms.

Smart way to attempt such questions - A few tips

1. Read the sentence very carefully to get an overall sense of it.
2. Do not look for two words which mean the same thing. Instead fill in two words by which the meaning of the sentence is the same, by either word.
3. The two words you choose may not be synonymous but should fit in to form a coherent, grammatically correct and sensible sentence.
4. The two sentences thus formed by the different selected options should mean the same thing; more stress should be given on this.
5. Try to fill in the blank with one word seems appropriate to you and then go ahead and search for other words which have a similar meaning.
6. Do not use trial and hit method for such questions. Rather make educated guesses in case you do not understand meaning of one or two words amongst the given options.
7. Work hard on vocabulary

I will give you tips to increase your vocabulary in my next article Till then keep studying. All the Best yes

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