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Silly li'l mistakes in IELTS speaking

In: IELTS By: Pallavi Jadhav

First day in class; Student introduction,
Trainer: Tell me something about yourself?
Student: I am…..  blah blah blah blah…. I am planning to work in (fr eg) Australia.
Trainer: How much you’re hoping to score?
Student:  Would do if 7, but I’m hoping to score more than 7.
Now the climax, diagnostic test scores, Overall 5.
Student again: Ma’m would I be able to score a 7?
Trainer: Usure can, but u’ve to put in a lot of efforts, also remember practice is the key to success.
The class starts with a lot of hope.The average scores in class, 1st day-5, 2nd day-5.5, 3rd day- 5 again and so on….
Now, it’s the 10thday: Score – 6… (Tht’s pretty disappointing)
15th day-Score- 6 … (Oops! the score doesn’t seem to improve)
Student:  Ma’m why doesn’t my score improve.
Even after all the required guidance & assistance, the student doesn’t improve in performance. There has to be some major issue. And there begins the critical screening and we’re hoping to figure out the exact reason. Well to our surprise (rather shock) the result is not as critical as the situation is. It’s some of the silliest and sometimes hilarious of the mistakes.
1st common mistake- It seems that the student is not reading the instructions properly.
i) Write the correct letter A-E. Even after such a clear mention of ‘LETTER’, which is a singular form, dear student writes two letters in the answer.
ii)  Also, they love to write the entire statement or the whole word being given in the option.
2nd common mistake-  Not checking the options carefully for grammar before finalizing it.
Specially in Fill in the blanks. I guess they forget its their language test not academic.
Correct way: Checking the options for Tenses, articles, verb forms, adjectives, singulars & plurals and so on.
3rd common mistake- ‘I know it all attitude’
One the most indigenous traits in humans is,’ I know everything’. What I think is correct, what I perceive in always correct, what I express is again always correct… and the correctness in all aspects continue. There’s one simple rule in IELTS, “Be Rational”, which very well implies that we should be practically inferring things from the passages and also expressing things the same way. Are we Einstein or Winston Churchill? Even if you think you are some way similar, it’s necessary to know that even they were flexible to changes or rather open to changes. They walked in the direction they saw progress and finally succeeded.
Trainer- Ah huh! So now you know the main reason for low score. Tackling major tricks is definitely advantageous but only until you’re able to tackle the silly ones. (Smiles). Being flexible towards other’s opinions (in this case, the Writers’) would help you score better in the test. Coz our main aim is to score good in exams! These are just a few of the sillies students don’t overcome which directly leads them to not improving on their scores. Having had these sillies overcome, there are better chances of improvement.

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