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Reading Tips for IELTS Test Preparation

In: IELTS By: Deepali Thareja

Reading test is designed to capture your ability to comprehend what is written in the text. Most of us do read newspapers and magazines on regular basis. Improvement in reading ability lies in spotting what you have not understood and flagging it and spending some more time to know more about it. However, the following tips will help you approach the reading test.   


  1. Just have a glance at the text. What is it all about? The text may relate to any one of variety of subjects that is aimed at students of diverse educational backgrounds. The reading test touches upon few aspects related to a given field. As such, it does not demand specialist’s knowledge of any field. So what is required? Go though the text and mark the key words related to the topic. 
  2. If a text contains lot of dates, data and names - encircle it - data, dates and names may be important after all! It will help you to reconnect  when you are searching for an answer hitherto not known.
  3. Reading test is of 60 minutes duration in which 40 questions have to be answered. Time management during the test is important. If you really can not find the answer to a question easily, move on to the next question. Don’t waste time! Spot the questions for which you are sure of rendering a correct answer. Answer such questions straightaway.
  4. Ensure that you put your answers down on the answer sheet and not the question paper. Also ensure that your answers are related to the question number asked. Question number and answer number must correlate.
  5. After having answered easy questions, read text carefully again to try to find the answer. Relook at the key words you had marked earlier. Try to figure out some more words which are close to the key words. Synonyms! Consider a word like 'Delight' - among others, possible synonyms include:
  6. True / False / Not given questions are by far the most difficult types of question to answer as they are designed to trick people into thinking about the answer and giving their deduction as an answer.
  7. In multiple choice questions with answers as  A, B, C or D, If you do not know the answer, Dont leave it blank! you have a 25% chance of getting the question right so just put one of the answers in! easily. 

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