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Make Listening Test Stress Free

In: IELTS By: Deepali Thareja

1)  Prior to each section of the Listening Test, you will hear somebody saying : 'you will hear a lecture on' or 'You will hear a conversation between'... This information is of a lot of significance as it gives a hint about the content that is to follow ie. the topic that you are about to hear and makes it easier to understand. As this is not written on the question paper so it is important to listen attentively.
2) You will have 30 seconds to check your answers after each section gets over. It is wise to  utilize this time to go back and check those answers for word forms, plurals, spellings etc. In addition to that, keep in mind to write proper nouns and names with initial capital letter.
3) In section 3, you hear a conversation usually related to 'Education'. Very often you will be hearing students and a teacher discussing about an assignment. Knowing sufficient vocabulary regarding studying at a University will help you in understanding section 3 and score good marks.
4) You get 10 minutes to transfer your answers onto an answer sheet at the end of the test.  While doing that make sure you write your answers in the correct numbered space and avoid making a careless mistake. Eg. The answer for question 5 goes in space number 5 onto the answer sheet.
5)  When answering multiple choice questions, try to glance through all the questions and options as much as possible. There is a lot of reading to do in this so make judicious use of the time given to read the questions. Usually all the choices will be heard, which makes them difficult.
6)   It is wise, not to leave any blank answers. You must write something in the answer box in the listening as well as the reading test . At least make a guess, if you don't know he answer, you may be right!

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I am an IELTS trainer at Achievers Point, a fulfilling job which i do with much dedication. I hope my students continue to be happy with the way I teach and score as well in future as do now under my supervision.

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