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How to score 9 bands in IELTS Writing Academic Test?

In: IELTS By: Indrani Mukherjee

IELTS tests your ability to produce two quite different pieces of writing in a fairly short period of time. The test is divided into two parts and you are allowed one hour to complete both parts. The Writing module of the IELTS consists of a 60 minute module with two tasks.
IELTS Writing Task 1
In the first part, you are given a task based on some graphic or pictorial information. You are expected to write a descriptive report of at least 150 words on the information provided. You will get 20 minutes to complete this task.
IELTS Writing Task 2
The second task is more demanding. You are expected to produce a written argument on a given topic and to organise your answer clearly, given some examples to support your points. You will have to write at least 250 words.
  • If you write less than 150 words in Task 1 or less than 250 in Task 2 you will lose marks, but there is no maximum number of words for either.
  • As Task 2 is longer than Task 1, you are advised to spend approximately 40 minutes on this task and 20 minutes on the first task. 
Now let us discuss the Writing Task 1 in detail.
In this section you will be given a graph. Your task is to understand the graph first, study the trends of changes and thereby write down the analysis of the graph in your own words. You are not expected to mention each and every detail of the graph. You have to summarize the graph in your own words. You can mention the relevant changes in the graph.
You can get the following types of graphs:
1) Line Graph
2) Bar Graph
This can be of two types - vertical bar or horizontal bar.
3) Pie - Chart
4) Table
5) Flow Chart
You can also be given a diagram in this section which you would be required to analyze. You must give an introduction wherein you are expected to explain in brief what the graph is all about. 
Next in the body part you have to explain the graph(s) in detail. But you don’t have to state each and every movement. You are going to summarize your graph. Also describe the pattern of changes. For eg if there is any increase in sales, you have to describe the pattern of increase-whether it is increasing steadily or dramatically, slowly or rapidly.
Last comes the conclusion wherein you have to wrap up your writing and summarize whatever u have said in the body part. Please remember that conclusion is very essential component of your writing and without conclusion your essay remains incomplete.
Check Your Work
It is more important to have a shorter paper that is well written and well organized, than a longer paper that is poorly written and poorly organized. Remember though that you will be penalized for answers shorter than the required minimum limit. Don’t keep writing about a subject just to add words and sentences, and certainly don’t start repeating yourself. Expand on the ideas that you identified in the brainstorming session and make sure that you save yourself a few minutes at the end to go back and check your work.
Leave time at the end, at least three minutes, to go back and check over your work. Reread and make sure that everything you’ve written makes sense and flows. Clean up any spelling or grammar mistakes that you might have made. If you see anything that needs to be moved around, such as a paragraph that would fit in better somewhere else, cut and paste it to that new location. Also, go ahead and erase any brainstorming ideas that you weren’t able to expand upon and clean up any other extraneous information that you might have written that doesn’t fit into your paper.

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