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How To Solve True/False/Not Given

In: IELTS By: Ravinder Kaur

In IELTS one of the common questions which come is true/false/not given. Generally students get confused or have query to solve it. So, first of all if:

  • The question statement which is asked is similar to the statement mentioned in the passage- it is true.
  • The question statement which contradicts with the statement mentioned in the passage- it is false.
  • Lastly, if the information in the question statement is not discussed in the passage directly or exactly- it is not given.

NOTE:- Candidate should not always look for the exact question statement in the passage, instead of it he/she must scan for synonyms or paraphrases.

For better understanding examples are below:



1. Passage Statement: Scientists do not know if the increase in average global temperature is just a cycle because of the absence of long-term meteorological data. Comparing climate epochs is complex because so many atmospheric and surface features of land and ocean are different.

Question: Long-term meteorological data confirms cyclical increases in average global temperatures.

Answer: False.

Explanation: Here in the passage statement due to absence of long-term meteorological data, confirmation in the increase of average global temperature is denied. So, the information contradicts hence, answer is false.


2. Passage Statement: Records of the past climatic epochs (period) are not as reliable or detailed as those records developed in recent decades.

Question: Historical climate records are no longer used because of recent findings.

 Answer: Not Given.

Explanation: In the passage statement past or historic climate records are considered as non-reliable and use of the same at present is not given. Hence, no information related to question is given so answer is Not Given.


3. Passage Statement: General Circulation Models (GCMs) are designed to describe basic behaviour patterns of the atmosphere. Used on super computers, the system still cannot represent all countries and has to rely on spatial representation of the earth. This means specific consequences of climate change are more difficult to predict by this method.

Question: GCMs are not reliable indicators of the specific consequences of climate change.

Answer: True.

Explanation: In the last lines of the passage statement it is mentioned that specific consequences of climate change by GCMs are more difficult to predict which is equivalent to not reliable, hence information is true.


4. Passage Statement: As these debates continue and governments refuse to act, it is becoming more likely that we will be able to see for ourselves whether or not the dire predictions of global warming are overstated as early as the middle of this century.

Question: If action is not taken now, governments will be forced to act by 2050.

Answer: Not Given.

Explanation: Governments action regarding 2050 is not discussed in the passage statement, so answer is Not Given.


5. Passage Statement: An accident that occurred in the skies over the Grand Canyon in 1956 resulted in the establishment of the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to regulate and oversee the operation of aircraft in the skies over the United States, which were becoming quite congested.

Question: The FAA was created as a result of the introduction of the jet engine.

Answer: False.

Explanation: Here in the passage statement it is clearly mentioned that FAA was established due to the accident over Grand Canyon in 1956. Information in the question is opposite as compared to the passage statement. Hence, answer is false.


6. Passage Statement: Rudimentary air traffic control (ATC) existed well before the Grand Canyon disaster.

Question: Air Traffic Control started after the Grand Canyon crash in 1956.

Answer: False.

Explanation: Here, the presence of ATC was before the Grand Canyon crash as per the passage statement, but in question ATC started after the crash. Hence information contradicts so answer is false.


 7. Passage Statement: As early as the 1920’s, the earliest air traffic controllers manually guided aircraft in the vicinity of the airports, using lights and flags, while beacons and flashing lights were placed along cross-country routes to establish the earliest airways.

Question: Beacons and flashing lights are still used by ATC today.

Answer: Not Given.

Explanation: Here in the passage statement it is clear that in the early times beacons and flash lights were used, but there isn’t any description regarding use of the same at present. Hence, answer is Not Given.


8. Passage Statement: In the 1940’s, ATC centres could and did take advantage of the newly developed radar and improved radio communication brought about by the Second World War, but the system remained rudimentary. It was only after the creation of the FAA that full-scale regulation of America’s airspace took place.

Question: Some improvements were made in radio communication during World War II.

Answer: True

Explanation: It is clear from the passage statement that some improvements of radio communication happened at the time of Second World War. Hence, question statement is true.  

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