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Communication is a two-way Process

In: Personality Development By: Akshay Kulkarni

Communication is a two-way process where both communication between sender & receiver plays equally important roles to make it complete. Communication follows a chain of processes to make it complete. It starts from the sender followed by a language or medium then goes to receiver & then the receiver sends his feedback to make it complete. Communication skills are extremely important in different aspects of life. 
English is one of the most popular languages used around the world. Just as any other language English too is used as a very strong medium of communication throughout the world.. The biggest advantage of English is that it is spoken in many countries due to which worldwide English is widely used for Business & professional communication. People of different cultures can communicate in English easily as it is widely used today.
Communication in different cultures is different & that is why there had to be one language which could be commonly used throughout different cultures in the world. That was when English was discovered as the language to fulfill the needs of communication for the people around the world.
Today, in the world where world has become so closer in terms of communication you need to eradicate the barriers of language for effective communication. Here English has played a major role in terms of language. The vocabulary of this language is universal & is very easy to use. Even though the pronunciation & accent used in different countries id different but the meaning & context never changes in English. So, that is the reason English is today the first language which is taught at school level along with the other languages. Today in Indian education we have clearly witnessing that English has got far more preference over other languages right from foundation level.
This is the reason it is important for each one of us to master this easy yet effective language which is used all around the world.

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