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Common Errors in IELTS

In: IELTS By: Deepali Thareja

A good score in IELTS test to a large extent depends on students' ability to follow the instructions carefully, yet it is a common error to underestimate the importance of it. So these are few famous pitfalls that cost test takers a good score.
1.     A common mistake which people make in listening and reading test is to answer the questions in more words than what is mentioned in the instructions. If the questions say "Not more than 3 words", answering in 4 or more words will certainly harm your marks.
2.     In the writing section, the length of a written task is important. The instructions mention a minimum number of words (250 for essay, 150 for report or letter) that has to be written. Any work lesser than that will cost you losing marks. Also, a longer essay doesn't mean better score. In fact, writing a long essay can indirectly cost marks, because the chances of making mistakes increase with the number of words and sentences.
3.     Ever thought having a good memory can get you in trouble? Smart students see the topics sometimes getting repeated and they decide to memorize essays! Examiners are trained to look for such memorized work and have instructions to disqualify such essays immediately.
4.     As far as the connective words are concerned (moreover, however, furthermore etc.) The more is not always the better. It is true that one of the criteria for writing task assessment is coherence and cohesion  but overuse of these words leads to a negative impact plus it is easily recognizable by the examiners
5.     In the speaking sections, people don’t know the difference between speaking with an accent and mispronouncing the words. In IELTS, accent is not important. Pronunciation is.! IELTS is a test for non-native English speakers so nobody can penalize people for having an accent. 

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I am an IELTS trainer at Achievers Point, a fulfilling job which i do with much dedication. I hope my students continue to be happy with the way I teach and score as well in future as do now under my supervision.

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