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British Council extended IELTS fees submission up to 5 days


From 16th September 2013 he British Council coming with a change where candidate can deposit IELTS examination fees within 5 days instead of 3 days as it is the case as of now. As you are aware all candidates are required to submit their application fee to the British Council within 3 days of registering on the ORS. In the new process all British Council partners would be able to submit their candidate’s application fee within 5 days from registering on the ORS. If the British Council do not receive the IELTS fee within 5 days, the application will be cancelled and the candidate will have to re-register for the test.   For example, if you register a candidate in ORS on 1st of September then we expect to receive the payment for this candidate latest by 5th of September post which we will cancel the registration on ORS. A notification stating the cancellation will be sent to the email provided to us at the time of registration. This will help candidate to submit fees within stipulated time.

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